• .JPEG
    • .JPG
    • .PNG
    • .GIF


    • WIDTH: 300 Pixels
    • HEIGHT: 250 Pixels


    • File size of 25 KB or a smaller creative is recommended.


    • URL should always be domain based and should be from your own domain.
    • IP based URLs and Facebook URL's are strictly not allowed.
    • File loading and embedded URLs are not allowed.
    • Destination URL can't lead to an email address or a file instead of a web page. Such files include image, audio, video or document files that require an additional application to open or run (such as PDF files).
    • If you're using dynamic tracking URLs, they must lead to a valid URL and meet all of the requirements listed here for Destination URLs.
    • Your landing page's domain must match the domain of the Display URL in your ad.
    • Landing pages must deliver the same content to all users and all IPs, from all browsers.
    • Redirection based on IP isn't allowed, unless you are legally required to restrict access to your products or services (such as in the case of country) restricted pharmaceuticals or digital rights restrictions).


    • Ads must take up the entire space of the image size you've chosen, and they can't appear sideways or upside down.
    • Ads can't be segmented, contain multiple copies of itself within the ad, or appear to be more than one ad.
    • RxPG also doesn't allow ads that expand beyond the frame or otherwise encroach on the website.

    Relevance and quality:

    • Image ads must be relevant to the advertised site.
    • Ad images must be clear and recognizable, with legible text.
    • We don't allow unclear, blurry, or unrecognizable images to be used in ads.

    Strobing and flashing:

    • RxPG doesn't allow strobing, flashing backgrounds, or otherwise distracting ads.

    Mimicking site content, news articles, or text ads:

    • RxPG doesn't allow ads that mimic publisher content or layout, or news articles and features.
    • Ads may also not contain screenshots of RxPG forum content or otherwise simulate an RxPG content in any way.
    • Ads should be clearly distinguishable as ads.
    • Frame rate may not exceed 24 frames per second.
    • All banner names should be lower case.

    GIF Animation Guidelines:

    • Creative weight of 25k per creative is recommended.
    • Looping/Flashing can continue upon load for a period of 25 seconds maximum.
    • After 25 seconds, the banner should remain static and must have proper branding.
    • Animated GIF ads must be 5 fps or slower.
    • Advertisements cannot contain graphics that simulate interactivity (i.e., drop down menus, search boxes, etc.).
    • Banner text and image should be as per RxPG! policies.
    • All banners should have proper border and branding.

*GIF images need prior approval as not all Creative Dimensions can accommodate graphic images.